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Pre & Post Tanning Instructions

At The Nail Nook we want you to get the best results from your tan. Please follow the instructions below to ensure the best tanning experience!

Exfoliation is likely the most important step to get started. Exfoliation removes all of the dead skin cells leaving a fresh layer of clean skin for the spray tan. We suggest using St. Ives Apricot Scrub. You can find it in CVS, Walgreens, Wal-Mart, etc. Ensure you scrub the exfoliator over your entire body and rinse well.

Do not put on ANY lotion, perfume, make-up, deodorant or anything else. Anything on your skin will prevent the tanning solution from absorbing evenly!

Wear loose fitting clothes to your tanning session.

You are welcome to tan any way you feel comfortable whether in a bra/panties, swimsuit, nude or any combination. It is important that you feel comfortable with your environment to get the best results. If you tan nude, we suggest you do not put on a bra or panties allowing the solution to fully absorb and not have it rubbed off by your undergarments.

After your session, you will want to wait a minimum of six hours before showering. Keeping dry is very important in order to ensure your tan is absorbed completely. Do not get wet, perspire, apply deodorant, put on make-up, etc until you have taken your first shower at least six hours after your session. We highly recommend a spray tan late in the day, let it set in overnight, and shower in the morning.

It is normal to see some of your tan wash off in your first shower. This is excess solution and is completely normal. After your first shower, applying a moisterizer will prolong the life of your tan. In order to make your tan last longer, we recommend you do not go swimming as the salt water or chlorine will strip your tan.